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Gray Pine Solutions

Gray Pine Solutions was established in 2022 by a US Special Operations veteran, Alex, who has a passion for travel, culture, and time critical missions. With courier operations experience in both the military and civilian sectors, he saw an opportunity to apply his hard-won expertise to the global logistics market. By bringing the structure, efficiency, and singular focus of the military to the time critical field, Alex seeks to provide the best possible urgent courier support to brokers and businesses. 

While the requirements for the average on-board courier are simply a passport and a credit card, Gray Pine Solutions believes that your high value items deserve the best care possible. To this end, Gray Pine Solutions' couriers are handpicked rather than hired. They are selected based on their personality, experience, and ability to operate in high pressure situations. Gray Pine couriers all have military backgrounds and bring a level of discipline and dedication to task that is rarely found elsewhere.

Gray Pine Solutions is completely owned in, and operated from, the United States of America. With the goal of providing veterans opportunities to work in a fast-paced, international field, while supporting global industries, Gray Pine Solutions seeks to be your first call when you need support the most.



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